A personal memory wall for the visual spatial learning style

This blog, nicknamed the Visual Spatial Kid, is a collection of thoughts and references to articles about children and adults with strong abilities within the visual spatial field. This since I assume that there are more parents like me, trying to navigate the public school system in North America, and who have lots of thoughts on the matter without any real experience or expertise.

I am the mom of two visual spatial learners, and started this blog to gather educational material for myself as a parent in order to decide what direction to take my kids. I am a linguistic nut myself, and love, love, love reading and writing, and have spent years learning languages. Because of this, my kids have learnt three languages; Swedish (my mother tongue), English and French. I share these languages with them, but have also learnt German., even though it now feels like a million years ago.

If you have suggestions of books, articles, or other educational material, I am all ears… sorry, eyes, I mean. 😉


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