About Visual-Spatial Kid

This blog, nicknamed the Visual-Spatial Kid, is a collection of thoughts and references to articles about children and adults with strong abilities within the visual spatial field. It has been built on the assumption that there are more parents like me, who try to navigate the public school system in North America, without any real experience or expertise of how children with extreme ability in the visual spatial field affect the learning process.

I am a mom of two boys who favour music, art and technology over reading and writing. This blog is my anchor and tool, but can also be shared with others who need guidance within the same field. I started this blog to gather material for myself as a parent in order to decide what direction to take my kids.

Do you have any idea about how your own brain works? Until recently, I have never even considered mine. Mirroring yourself in your kids give many interesting reflections and observations. I recognize some aspects of their learning style; the focused interest in certain fields that last a few years and then rapidly changes, the poor memory, and the love of numbers and problems. Others I don’t recognize at all. Writing to me is like drinking an energy drink. It has taken me years to recognize that if I don’t write in a few weeks, I don’t function. But both my boys hate writing. Passionately.

My guess is that my sons get their visual spatial ability from my husband and their father, who is a surgeon. Although we parent and make decisions about our children together, it is my extreme interest in the brain and learning that probably will provide most of the leadership during the process of moving them forward through their education lives.

If you have suggestions of books, articles, or other educational material, I am all ears… sorry, eyes, I mean.😉

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